Friday, May 23, 2014

Creativity Framework based on Nodism Principles

An excerpt from the first part of the Creativity Framework 

Dan Zen has taken his 10 years of Nodism explorations and applied them towards Creativity.  The Dan Zen Creativity Framework is for sale - which is a tough decision because he certainly wants to share with as many people as possible.

"The Creativity Framework has exceptional value.  It allows you to create whenever you want - on an instance's notice.  The framework reveals the mechanics of creativity - how the magic is done." - Dan Zen.

An excerpt from the second part of the Creativity Framework

It is always difficult to put a price on something like this.  There are many self help books priced somewhere around $30.  There are workshops at $100-300.  There are corporate training sessions and $1000s of dollars.  Dan Zen has set the price of the Creativity Framework at $42 - the answer to Life the Universe and Everything ;-).

Please try out the Creativity Framework - it is the price of a movie or dinner out for two - well worth it!

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