Friday, June 1, 2007

The Relationship Between Quantum States and Paradigms


Quantum states are (if I remember correctly and maybe I don't) are those energy levels or radius of orbit that electrons tend to travel around the nucleus. It may be that the concept of truth is related to these states. In which case things like the Heisenberg Principle, etc. might apply to well, truth, and things that come from truth - like definitions and thought, etc.

In perhaps a related area, Nodism seems to allow for everything to be under every node. I have been working on this lately and may have come up with something a little different than that but regardless, in the searching to see if this is true or what it actually means, we come to the concept of how to organize or order "everything" beneath a node.

So as children, which comes first - is it the most relevant. What does relevance mean? Is it based on reciprocal links - well if all nodes contain everything (again I am now suspecting that this is not the case) then reciprocal links would be equal. Or do the strengths of the reciprical links affect the relevance. Certainly that would make sense but is there a paradox here.

So I have been experimenting with branches containing shades of red, etc. How true is it that this apple is dark red. How much light red is there, etc. There are many things that are subjective but even these might average to a "truth" almost like the electron motion averages to an energy state. Objective values should be easier but we always hear people say that there is no truth. Nothing is set in stone, etc.

Along these lines comes the paradigm and paradigm shifts. This is one of the most interesting concepts that Nodism helps explore. Para means next to so it would imply a sibling. A shift from one embodiment to a next.

One thing that is neat to think about is figuring out where in the single hierarchy of nodism, a paradigm appears. Is it on the edges out along the siblings (in the land of presumed lesser relevance) or does it insert itself between existing parent and children right before our eyes. I expect it could be either.

The "right before our eyes" type of paradigm or invention might arise from prior art pointing in a different direction. Nobody has a rollthrough ad that takes you to a site when you roll over it. The public would not stand for it and thus we have the current paradigm if you will of clicking on an ad. This is an energy state and it appears to be true or at least has been for the last 15 years. But if someone says, hey... I am going to make a rollthrough ad and it will be for a vacuum cleaner that sucks so hard it takes viewers through the ad without clicking or a black hole, or a blind date, or a magnetic personality or a... then suddenly we could have a paradigm shift and roll through ads become "normal" or the current energy state.

This last paragraph harkens to acceptance being part of the paradigm. Not quite sure how important that is. Certainly with respect to marketing, and things like memes that is very important. But we will leave it for another time.

Inventor Dan Zen, reporting what has been on his mind lately... and the post is unedited - sorry if it is difficult.