Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nodism Forum Created

After a few happy hello's from new Nodists, it is hoped that a forum might be in order to converse beyond comments. So, a forum has been created at:

I feel like I should offer a prize. Okay... Nodists will one day be listed in a branch directly off of Node Zero and we have to order these for presentation. So... the Nodists will be ordered in the order they join the forum. Better get in early ;-)

Love Dan

Monday, March 19, 2007

Nodism Concepts Through Tapoll Predict-a-Polls

Tapoll is a Web 2.0 Poll site that lets you predict polls as you vote. It might be fun to explore various concepts of Nodism that are being worked out. Below are a few polls - have fun! And please, take five minutes out of your day to discuss and see if these concepts excite you.

Tapoll - the predict-a-poll site by inventor Dan Zen. If your vote does not seem to register on this site then please allow a cookie to be set (for instance, see the little eye at the bottom of IE)

Nodism Wiki Help - Making a Page

A Wiki lets you add (or edit) pages and links to those pages very easily. Here are the steps to make your first page on the Nodism Wiki:
  1. To sign up to be able to participate in the Wiki go to the Recent Visitors page
  2. Click the edit button at the bottom of the page
  3. Type your first and last name on the page beneath the other names using the camel format - CapitalLetters at the start of the words and bump the words together with no spaces.
  4. You can write a little hello note and then save the page.
  5. When you do, you will see that there is a ? after your name. Click this to create a page for yourself and write a little about yourself.
  6. Then you can sign in at the bottom using your CamelCase name and set your preferences using the preferences link at the top.
Now, perhaps you did not realize it but you made your first page. Making more pages is basically the same:
  1. Edit any page and when editing the page make up a link title in CamelCase with no spaces
  2. Once you save the page you will see the link with a ? after it
  3. Click the ? and you will be given a form to create the page
  4. As you create the page, you can put in more links using the CamelCase
  5. If the page already exists, the link will go to it otherwise a ? will be put next to it
  6. Any links with ? is ready for someone - someone like you to create the page!
Here is a link to more information on how to use a Wiki.

Wikis are amazing to use - over the course of a couple weeks holiday I made a couple hundred pages with great ease. I welcome you to write in the Wiki - start with your own thoughts on Nodism - almost like a review and see how it goes. Hopefully you will gain enough courage and confidence to make changes and additions! Please do.

Nodism - the Philosophy of Meta

Nodism is a philosophy that lets us explore aspects of meta with hierarchical thinking or generational thought.

For years now, very logical people have built up systems to emulate life. These systems have converged to Object Oriented Programming (OOP). We are at the height of the information age - and the standard of sharing of information has become XML.

Both Object Oriented Programming and XML are based on hierarchy. Indeed so is grouping, categorizing, organizing, indenting, nesting, etc. Nodism lets us explore and hopefully go beyond earlier hierarchical philosophies from food chains to set theory.

This blog and associated sites approach the philosophy in a relatively grass roots, first principle, and welcoming manner.