Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Working on NodeGlobe as an Interface Tool

Node Globe Pics

More pictures at http://www.flickr.com/photos/danzen/sets/72157626487534618/

This has been a fascinating exploration of a radial hierarchy. From this I have re-visualized the workings of a tree. Imagine that you started with rays of string or elastic and then pinched the strings where there are nodes. The lines moving towards the center would then be thicker or a collection of strings all going to node 0 of this system.

This is similar to the energy veins in a tree right to the tips of the leaves. All of them lead down to the seed. Roots go off the other direction reaching for energy from the soil. Growth.

Nodes are sometimes called knots and you get that sense here. We also visualize various native weaving structures, knot work by the Incan, etc.

Remember that this is made from XML (HTML, when properly formed is XML). This is the same organizational hierarchy found in all facets of life as discussed in prior postings.

This could easily be in 3D - I have left it 2D for now.

Recursive functions were used to create this. I did some cheating by always averaging the position of a parent node heading towards the center. To prevent overlapping lines I put nodes with less children in the middle of a branch. This cheating could have been avoided using energy balance and iterative procedures.

Will let you know when the tool is complete.


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